Evan D'Arpino - Abiogenesis


for immediate release

(New York, NY) Evan D’Arpino’s latest exhibition, Abiogenesis, presents a series of photographs exploring how we define life using an unexpected subject matter: crystals. Inspired by the possible cellular origin of recently discovered “giant viruses”, D’Arpino uses these crystal specimens to evoke phenomena that complicate our understanding of life. Though nonliving, the crystal’s ability to grow, respond to environmental stimuli, and reach an equilibrium demonstrates characteristics of biologic organisms. As the subject of this series, the specimens are used to allude to systems such as viruses and artificial intelligence, which more directly suggest an ambiguous boundary. Abiogenesis will be displayed at Wilensky Gallery, alongside fine mineral specimens. This collaboration will allow viewers to engage with the subject of D’Arpino’s work, while creating a multifaceted experience. Included in this exhibition are seven new 30 x 40” archival prints. The show opens on January 10th from 5:00 - 7:00 PM and runs until March 9th, 2018.

The viewer instantly notices the application of light in Abiogenesis, which D’Arpino uses to conjure the mystery of primordial genesis and the excitement of scientific discovery. The emphasized textures, colors, and forms give the minerals lifelike qualities, while the setting hints at natural history museum specimens through the use of items like bell jars and plexiglass vitrines. The crystal, as captured by D’Arpino, is more than just an awe-inspiring object: it emboldens our imagination by suggesting tangential living systems.

Evan D'Arpino is a still-life, architecture, and fine art photographer based in New York. His work has been included in American Photography and he was a recipient of The Avant Guardian Award in 2014. D’Arpino has worked with a number of editorial and commercial clients including InStyle Magazine, The Washington Post, Surface Magazine, Satori Magazine, Serafina Beach Hotel, and Wilensky Gallery.

Lily Fierman